New Internet site since december 19 2020; We are in operation since december 12th and The nordic dogs are awaiting you!

Secrets Nordiques has been offering family dog sledding initiations for more than 25 years, directly at Mont Sainte-Anne Resort, 30 minutes from Old Quebec!
Our professional guides will guide you to facilitate your constructive complicity with our sled dogs, in the heart of Quebec’s winter. Alone, with your family or in Secrets Nordiques groups, you will discover this safe and captivating family outdoor activity.
Always concerned about the well-being of our Nordic dogs, our hikes strike a good balance between your pleasure and their quality of life. We have designed our activities around a schedule that stimulates their intrinsic motivation. While the anxiety-provoking moments (harnessing, departures) are rigorously choreographed, on the other hand, the hours of pleasure on the trail grant them constantly varied routes to meet their needs for discovery of the territory.
Our dogs, guides and trails are waiting for you.

COVID-19: The Secrets Nordiques team is implementing the measures of the Health and Safety Plan of the tourist industry approved by the government to guide you in your discovery of the world of dog sledding and retain only the most positive aspects.  Pay particular attention to our instructions for appointments and preparations.

DUO or ViP? Two participation formulas for the level of involvement you prefer..

Formula DUO :

The perfect introduction to dog sledding! On the track, in the company of a partner, drive your own team of six huskies. Your guide will lead you in another sled with a member of your group.

Formula ViP :

Sitting in your sled, you are individually supervised by your guide who shares his experience and passion directly with you. Each guest is paired with his or her own professional guide.
As this participation formula runs simultaneously with the DUO formula, members of the same group can opt for the DUO formula.

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